The Boxer Brief: King of all Undies


Seriously, why did it take so long for boxer briefs to become a thing? They seem like such a no-brainer, yet they didn’t start gaining steam until the mid-90’s. Briefs were working just fine, but the youngins’ didn’t like all that restriction, so the trend went the complete opposite direction and boxer underwear became the cool thing. Then the old folks wanted a pair that was no-ride-up, so some genius, somewhere said, “Duh. Let’s combine the two.” And everyone was like, “Where was this guy 50 years ago?” Then, Marky Mark did a photo shoot, and the rest is history.


We don’t want to brag, and we’d never claim to be the best at anything, but we 100% make the best men’s boxer briefs. Each pair is made from a super soft, MicroModal fabric, which is 3x softer than traditional cotton, bringing it’s comfort level through the roof. MicroModal also lends itself to the perfect men’s breathable underwear, and it comes in a wide variety of colors, designs and patterns.


Okay, let’s talk stretch. All men know that there is that perfect balance between too-tight and too-loose underwear. We think we’ve hit that perfect note to create the most comfortable boxer briefs in the world. Our MicroModal fabric hits the compression sweet spot with a cool 8% of elastane built right in. And each pair is fitted with a very sturdy, yet super-soft waistband.


Once you shop your favorite styles online at, we recommend refreshing your entire top drawer with one of our packs. Packs come in multiple sizes, and you’ll pay a lot less than if you bought each pair individually.


If you’ve tried boxer briefs and just can’t get behind them, that’s cool. All the benefits spelled out above also apply to our trunks, briefs, and boxers. If you need help deciding, we recommend checking out our Top 4 Best Men’s Underwear Cuts.