It’s Time to Chuck Your Old Underwear


Adulthood brings its fair share of boring. Taxes. Car payments. Work emails that say “ASAP.” So why do we feel the need to throw more boring into the mix with dull, mediocre underwear? Can we all just take a second to realize that unlike those other boring things, we actually have a choice in this department?

Enter MeUndies. An Undies & loungewear brand that wants to throw a little more fun into your top drawer. They sell underwear with fun prints that will ignite a kid-like sense of joy that’ll carry you throughout your entire day. The next time you’re in a work meeting about KPI’s or synergy or some other dumb thing you don’t care about, you’ll know that unlike these other duds sitting around the table, you’ve got underwear with straight-up unicorns on them. Or avocados. Or sloths. You’ll be like a superhero of underwear, and pants will be your secret identity.

As if that wasn’t enough, these Undies are soft. Like, really really soft. Three times softer than cotton to be exact. You’ll have to hold a pair to actually believe it.

Rather than having to pick out a few pairs you like, we highly recommend joining The Membership. As a Member, you will get a new pair shipped straight to your door each month, along with a slew of other benefits. Let’s review:



Exclusive Prints

Each month, MeUndies releases a unique print that only Members can reserve. They are super-limited and designs specifically for the Undie-obsessed.


Member Pricing

MeUndies likes to reward their Members with special pricing on everything they make. That means in between monthly shipments, you can shop anything else your heart desires at a lower price point than anyone else. Birthday and holiday presents just got a lot more affordable. (We recommend the Lounge Pants, Socks, or Bralettes.)



No Strings Attached

If you’re looking for something a little simpler one month, you switch to a classic or bold style instead. If you feel like you’re good for that month, you can just skip it and not get charged. The Membership is completely yours and MeUndies makes is super simple.



Join their already thriving community of fellow Undie-lovers and give The Membership a try for yourself. Grab adulthood by the Undies and level up your top drawer with something you can really get behind.