Barriers Are Meant to Be Broken


If you rode the NYC subways in the 80s, chances are you saw his drawings. Keith Haring would spend his days scanning each platform looking for his perfect canvas—a black, empty space used to cover unused advertisements. He’d pop out, look for cops, and with white chalk, spend a couple minutes creating an original work. His drawings were unmistakable—often depicting cartoon-like cutouts of people, defied dogs, dolphins, or UFOs.



Haring wanted everyone to see his work, not just the upscale art scene. He once said, “You don’t have to know anything about art to appreciate it. There aren’t any hidden secrets or things you’re supposed to understand.” Haring, perhaps without even realizing it, was creating work for the overlooked about the overlooked. He brought forth political and societal themes of then taboo subjects such as homosexuality and AIDS. He wanted to speak to everyone, not just the elite. Through his unconventional use of once overlooked mediums, Keith Haring helped birth a whole new genre of artistic expression.



At MeUndies, we celebrate those who take a bold and unconventional approach to their own lives. We encourage creativity and individuality, and look to empower individuals to own their style, voice, and place in the world.


Keith Haring is a pure example of how the combination of creativity and individuality can lead to a whole new way of doing things. We make Undies for people who want to express themselves in their own unique way. We champion differences to bring our community together. Keith Haring has inspired us in such a profound way, which is why we chose his work to be featured on our very own unconventional canvas.