Q&A with Josh Varozza

  1. Did you ever think you'd be on a billboard in your undies? Heck no I never expected to be on a MeUndies billboard. My life has taken a fantastic turn into constant surreal. The fun opportunities that have presented themselves over the past two years are nutty and flattering. Cosmopolitan, inked magazine and now a billboard? Not just any billboard but an undies billboard!

  2. Describe the moment you put on your first pair of MeUndies? My first pair of undies was amazing. As a big hairy sweaty guy I can tell you, I abuse underwear. My junk breathes well while being held in place perfectly. My undercarriage has never been more comfortable.

  3. What is your favorite MeUndies print? My favorite print so far is the unicorns. I don’t have a witty answer for that but just like c’mon, unicorns.

  4. If you could design your own MeUndies print, what would it be? I’ve thought a lot about my own MeUndies print. Through Tami and my entire campaign we’ve donated every dollar we’ve made to a local veterans group called Wheeler’s for the Wounded. This is a special organization that takes Purple Heart recipients on off-road adventures. So our veterans are a group of people we love and appreciate. I’d like to see something that could represent all branches of the military. If that doesn’t work I’d settle for flying pigs.

  5. So you met your wife, Tami, on a MeUndies' photoshoot. Tell us about that! Tami is quite possibly the sweetest most kindest person you’ll ever meet. Back in May of 2016 she reached out to me on Facebook to see if I had tome to chat about and photo sesh idea. Come to find out she wanted some funny twists on boudoir. I loved it. I had never met her before and she wanted pictures of me in my underwear. What do you do when a pretty little blonde asks that? You drop your trousers! We’ve been fairly inseparable since then.

  6. How did you know she was the one? That’s a tough question! Tami completes me. Life with Tami and Lexi and Tyler and Lucy and Hook and Ladder and Fancy Nancy is so full. I love it.

  7. Do you have any hidden talents? Hidden talents? I don’t know if anything is hidden about me. I’ve got some wicked silly dance moves? Ask me to see the dolphin next time you see me.

  8. Have you ever had an “Undie Encounter” where you and a stranger completely bonded over your shared love for MeUndies? Dude. My friend John and I talk undies all the time. He’s actually the dude that reached out to MeUndies when we went viral.

  9. What is the best part of being a part of our Fam? MeUndies represents more than just undies. I love the message MeUndies puts out there. It’s positive. It’s happy. It’s what I’m about. I am grateful to be part of the MeUndies family. MeUndies has been one of our biggest supporters (other than our mothers) since the very beginning.