Spaced Out


If you’re a new customer to MeUndies or you simply forgot what we are all about, welcome! We come in peace. We offer many perks that not only include the world’s most comfortable underwear, but The Membership. “What is The Membership,” you ask? Well, we’ll save all of the dirty details, but to simply put it, this unlocks exclusive access and pricing only members have to our products (that includes our newest out-of-this-world Alien Dudes print).  

Membership sounds like a terrifying word that triggers most consumers these days, but rest assured, this is no ordinary membership. You can cancel at any time you want. Seriously. There is no trick, no fine print at the bottom of the page, and especially no difficult route you have to take in order to even reach our Cheek Squad (Customer Support) to cancel. We made it super easy and affordable. Yup! Affordable, yet another word consumers are skeptical about. We made sure to offer our loyalists the best pricing to be able to replenish drawers with ease and to not make you sweat every month wondering if new Undies would break the bank or not. Times are tough, Undies shouldn’t be.

2019_0402_AlienDudes_FBInstaAds1080x1080_Ecomm copy.jpg

Members also receive the news first. News meaning when new prints and products are released, and you even get early access. The Membership allows you to see what we’re coming out with days before being released to the public and exclusive prints that are just for our fam.

Aliens may seem like terrifying invaders coming to kill us all, but we don’t really know that until we meet them, right? They could just be really chill. Or at least that’s what we’re hoping for. So what we’re trying to say is memberships and aliens are very similar; Memberships may still seem like a foreign and scary concept, but don’t knock it until you try it. Aliens may seem scary, but they could just love skateboarding and love the fact that they are on our Undies. Who knows. All we know is, The Membership is worth it and aliens could be pretty cool.

caroline judd