Flocking Fabulous


March is now upon us which means Spring is finally here for parts of the world (sorry colder climates, your time will come). The sun is out, the flowers are starting to bloom, the hills are alive with the sight of greenery, and you may start to feel the itch of wanting to go on a vacation. Ironically enough, the ’90s have made a shocking comeback this year. So what do the grunge-era and vacations have in common? Tacky flashing neon signs! Just like the ones pointing you straight to the wonderful city of Las Vegas.

Sadly, we’re not going to Vegas nor are we on vacation yet, but the sentiment around Flocking Flamingos still stands. While this print is definitely not tacky, we loved the idea of the nostalgia that comes with looking back on family vacations and remembering when hotels had “No Vacancy” signs blinking in the dead of night. Or when Route 66 was still a highway and was lined with iconic neon signs calling you to either eat or sleep or both. Times felt much simpler then, and quite honestly a lot more fun.

Today, vacations feel like a job. You are on a strict schedule to get to the airport two hours ahead of schedule to hurry up and wait in line at security to then wait around until your plane arrives, and then you have to wait to get on the plane where you catch the common cold 99%* of the time. Once you get to your destination it may seem all fun and games until you have to repeat previously listed steps and still catch a cold in the dead of summer just to get that one perfect Instagram picture. That is not a vacation. That is anxiety-inducing.


What these Undies provide is a sense of freedom. Being able to get in your car and drive where the road takes you, stopping wherever you want along the way, and not to mention wear whatever you want. This is the type of vacation we really want to embrace this year. To say yes to the bucket hat, the Hawaiian shirt, and cargo shorts, and say yes to socks and sandals. Say yes to neon blue Undies with bright pink flamingos because you are flocking fabulous and you deserve to have the freedom of doing whatever you want whenever you want.

caroline judd