Ladies Who Launch


For International Women’s Day 2018, we announced our 3-point plan to empower the women of MeUndies to affect change in our own corner of the world. It was important for us to create actionable, measurable goals, so we would hold ourselves accountable.

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Stemming from that, MeUndies holds a monthly Women’s Group Meeting where we discuss progress on the 3 pillars (Growth, Community, and Mentorship) we laid out. This year, we wanted to focus on Community. Giving back is critical, and we found a meaningful opportunity to serve women outside of MeUndies by creating a mentorship program called Ladies Who Launch. We partnered with Da Vinci RISE High School by welcoming 14 young women to help design, execute and market a brand new print to be released later this year! We were blown away by the ideas that were brought to the table.

In the morning the girls formed two teams and talked through Design, Marketing, Creative, and Strategy. They met with our Textile Designer, Christen, who discussed her role, where she finds inspiration and how she took their ideas and brought them to life. Next, we walked through how to go about marketing their product. We asked questions like what would the name of their product be? Who did the girls think the target demographic would be? What channels would they like to utilize for showing their product to the world? Real questions folks here at MeUndies ask themselves every day. These young ladies contributed amazing details, and once the session ended we all took a break for lunch.

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We had tacos. It was delicious.

Diving back into work, Session Two was all about Merchandising. Our UX/UI Designers and head of Retail sat with the girls and showed examples of how we display our products on our website and in our store at Westfield Century City.  It was thrilling to see how excited they were discussing product placement and what they liked and didn’t like. They even gave us perfect examples of how they wanted their vision to look.

At the end of the session, we sat down with the students to compile their notes and learnings from the day to present their ideas to the MeUndies team. Some didn’t even have experience with public speaking, but we couldn’t tell because of how eloquently these ladies spoke about their product.

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As the day came to an end, we sadly had to say our goodbyes, but this is not goodbye forever! We will be checking in with RISE periodically to keep everyone up to speed on details of their product and the launch that will be happening this Fall. Keep your eyes peeled for the girls’ designs! We can’t wait to show everyone.

caroline judd