What is love?


Since the beginning of time, humans have stumbled over this question searching and creating meaning behind what the four-letter word truly represents. We’ve come to learn what love means in Greek mythology through the constellations we gaze at every night. It is one of the most common themes used throughout their stories because the Greeks were utterly devoted to two deities tied to this powerful feeling. To them, love was destructive but vital and needed to be honored. Today, however, the question seems rhetorical or just lyrics from a Haddaway song.

Love may have a “definition” but honestly who really cares about what Merriam-Webster defines...we have Twitter to define words for us now. But this did lead us to maybe think that the Greeks were on to something by putting their tales in the stars because of how bold, bright, and boundless they are. Love should not be constricted to man-made interpretations. Instead, it should be honored in ways that are larger than life (queue Backstreet Boys).

Universal Love was inspired to remind us that no one owns the definition, and we can create our own perception. And like the Greeks, love lives longer than time itself which should be honored in a way that makes sense to you. Whether that is with a card, naming a star after your beloved, or even buying glow-in-the-dark heart-shaped underwear, it is up to you how you define and express what love really means.


This print is a small nod at how beautiful and exciting love can be, so why not add a pair to your collection as a comfortable reminder that love knows no bounds, and no one can define it for you.

Oscar Zaldana