Molly & Travis

Molly and Travis have a love like the movies. They met years ago in New York, but the universe somehow managed to keep them apart. Eventually, they made their way back to each other when they were both living in Los Angeles. Molly was in business school, and she remembered this business savvy guy (Travis) she met in New York (who let’s just call it as it is, really caught her attention) so she reached out to him to get some more information on this new world. Through an embarrassing first date, the ups and downs, they have now been married for four years and welcomed the cutest baby boy, Britt, into the world two years ago.


What is your favorite thing about your partner?

Travis: “Molly has really bad morning breath!”

Molly tried interjecting but Brit was very busy running around the couch. Both were laughing.

Molly: “Honestly, Travis is the smartest person I’ve ever met. He’s always forcing me to look at things from a different perspective.”

Travis: “[Molly] is an incredibly dedicated mother and partner. Both Britt and I are a handful at home (laughing) and her capacity for patience continues to astound me. She also makes pretty good eggs.”

What was the best Valentine’s Day (or date) you had as a couple?

Molly: “Staying home and cooking dinner.”

What was the worst Valentine’s Day (or date) you had as a couple?

Molly: “Well the last two have been really baby focused.”

Travis: On one of their first dates, “I definitely spilled an entire beer on Molly’s shoes during it.”

Molly: “He comes off as very smooth, but he’s not. I thought it was so endearing...he’s my loveable clutz.”


Is there anything you were worried about before submitting yourselves to be apart of this campaign? What advice would you give to someone who may feel uncomfortable in their own skin?

Molly: “As a newer mom your body goes through a huge change, and I’m proud of what my body has done...but I am still human and I’m worried about stretch marks or not being as in shape as I was before.”

Travis: “Definitely have a mimosa before.” In referring to being apart of an underwear campaign. “Remember that middle age belongs to you too...don’t forget to love yourself, try new things, expose yourself, and always keep evolving.”

Molly: “Embrace your body for what it greatest gift is being a mother to Britt.”

And that is definitely something to celebrate. No matter what your age, how your body looks, or ads being pushed in the media, always remember to love yourself because your body has its own unique story to tell.

caroline judd