Ugly is the New Cute


We all know fashion trends come and go, but there is one trend that will always remain, well...downright ugly, and that is the Ugly Christmas Sweater phenomenon. How did these tacky patterns become such a hot commodity? When did Grandma’s knitting become all the rage every holiday season? Two words: young people.

Young people (referred to currently as Millenials and/or Gen Z) are to blame for every fashion movement. Some may see this power as negative such as Justin Bieber and his interesting fashion sense. However, in the case of Christmas sweaters, the bold and itchy garments’ reputation has been transformed! Thrift shops are flooded with hipsters dying to find the next ugly turtleneck. Grandmas are finally getting called by their grandkids asking if he/she could sift through her closet. The uglier the better. Why? Because ugly is the new cute, and young people make weird trends oddly cool.  


The Snowflake, Nessie, and Reindeer Sweater prints will provide that extra oomph you’re needing for eye-catching ugliness. But instead of profusely sweating and scratching like a dog with fleas, our Undies will provide glorious comfort for your bum. So if you’re wanting to become cooler than your friends, call grandma for that sweater party coming up, and call us to dress your delicate derrière in the cutest ugly Undies ever.

Oscar Zaldana