Win Your Costume Contest

Happy Halloween! It’s that time of year when the hardest choice becomes what costume you’re going to pick to blow everyone out of the water. It seems like every year Halloween is an entire week-long event, and keeping your costumes fresh, fun, and creative starts to feel like a full-time job. You probably already have a full-time job and a part-time job too because Baby Boomers wrecked the economy and now we’re stuck paying back mounds of student loans in a combustible job market. Anyway, we digress.

What we’re trying to say is we made it a little easier to choose a costume this year, thanks to this nifty blog, and our versatile, comfy pieces that add a little extra OOMPH to your get-up. Also, this is the type of costume shop that delivers the pieces straight to your door. Win-win for you, my friend.  

Go ahead and start shopping, these are the kind of pieces you’ll want year-round. 



BRB just melting over how cute this costume is. Get a few of your friends together, coordinate colors (no I wanna be the blue one!) Cut a few m’s out of white paper and shop our colorful, soft-as-heck, loungewear tops to complete the lewk.



The sequel we all needed. What superhero doesn’t wear Undies over their outfit? None. Yeah, so suit up in red and complete the heroic look with our simple black Undies in any cut you want. We prefer classic Briefs.



One word: iconique. Create two 90’s inspired Halloween looks. Complete your ‘fit with our high-waisted, FeelFree Undies in Plaid (of course.) Or, simply throw on a white U-Back Bralette with your plaid costume. Such a Betty.


Risky Business

How could we not? Especially since we just dropped our newest color: white! You know the drill, throw on a shirt, some socks, and our upgraded version of whitey-tighties and get slidin’.


Boom! Pow! Pop Art

Comic yourself in Boom! Pow! We might not have tips on the makeup—that looks legit, but we do have tips on the costume. Simply throw on a Boom! Pow! Bralette of your choice and the FeelFree High Waisted Undies to perfect your comic book character persona. As for the makeup, there are plenty of amazing tutorials out there to help you turn our Boom! Pow! print into a comic-book dream. Like this one.

Oscar Zaldana