• World’s most comfortable undies. 

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  • Street in West Hollywood - DFace 

  • Behind the scenes fun at our 90’s shoot #meundies 

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  • Behind the scenes Polaroids at our latest shoot - The 90’s

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  • Anti-pants movement 

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  • Always moving forward.

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  • Life’s adventures are better in the world’s most comfortable underwear.

  • Inspired by a simpler time, The Old Fashioned design of the month speaks to that old school, Don Draper sophistication. 

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  • City of Angels. City of MeUndies. 

  • Be good to Planet Earth and Planet Earth will be good to you. #MeUndies is a proud supporter for environmental protection, as our Beechwood forests are home to 7,000 species and are a natural and sustainable source of raw material. Happy #EarthDay! 

  • Early to rise for Coachella. Indio looking beautiful as always. 

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  • Buy me some peanuts and cracker jacks…. and a pair of #MeUndies. #Baseball season is finally here. #MLB 

  • Heat on your feet, and underneath > http://bit.ly/1eEKjsQ