Bridget & Jordan

To sum up time with these girls in one perfect word, it would without a doubt be hilarious. From the moment we met with Bridget and Jordan, they had no shame and zero filters in the best way possible, and that is the anchor in their relationship. Like typical millennials, they met on a dating app and both thought the other “seemed really fun and cool.” Jordan wasn’t necessarily looking for a relationship at the time, but once she met Bridget she couldn’t help but swoon over how charming she was. Bridget chimed in and said, “not to mention hot.”


What is your favorite thing about your partner?

Bridget: “Jordan is always down to do whatever and she takes care of me.”

Jordan: “Bridget is the funniest person I’ve ever met. We have so much fun together.”

What was the best Valentine’s Day (or date) you had as a couple?

Bridget: “Probably when Jordan surprised me with a hotel room at The Nomad...they had stand-alone tubs [which were so dreamy] and we probably took like six baths the entire time.”

What was the worst Valentine’s Day (or date) you had as a couple?

Bridget: “Jordan surprised me [again]  at Ep&Lp to see La La Land, but they were having horrible technical difficulties. We left like 15 minutes into it.”

Jordan: “We were super sad.”

Is there anything you were worried about before submitting yourselves to be apart of this campaign? What advice would you give to someone who may feel uncomfortable in their own skin?

Jordan: “I was nervous when I arrived, but [MeUndies] style is really easy going and there was no expectation of being a professional model.

Bridget: “It’s 2019, nobody gives a sh*t what you look like.”

It’s true. If someone has negative remarks to say about total strangers then we don’t have time for that here.

Any advice to singles?

Bridget: “Go to the fricken bar!”

Jordan: “Hang out with friends, have fun and do it in a celebratory way.”

And to their point, Valentine’s Day and dating, in general, can be so stressful that it’s important to always have fun. You are only responsible for yourself so enjoy it.

caroline judd