Plant Parenthood


It’s 2019 and although we don’t have flying cars as some had anticipated, we do have the technology to make our lives much easier and more efficient, #blessed. Adults have the luxury of upgrading phones even when the contract isn’t up yet, sleeping in however late they want on weekends, and eating cheese and wine for dinner because why the heck not? And while being an adult grants us these delightful freedoms, we unfortunately still have to recognize that with freedom comes great responsibility (*long drawn out eye-rolling sigh*).

The good news is if you want an adult-like task to make you seem like you have your life together is that the “plant parent” trend is still very much a thing and easy to jump into. What is a plant parent? Exactly what it sounds like; a person who takes care of plants as if it were their own dog or a human child just without the screaming and cleanup. Plants are much less work and more aesthetically pleasing. Even if you weren’t born with a green thumb and are saying “yeah right, I can’t even feed myself I’ll totally forget about a plant,” don’t worry because succulents exist for that very reason. Okay, succulents don’t exist solely for the purpose of making you feel like you can take care of something and not let it die, but you get the idea! They can go at least a month without water...don’t quote us on that though.

Plant Babies was designed for the adults that want their lives to be easier, not filled with headaches. These succulents only need to be watered when they’re thrown in a washing machine. How easy is that? So, if this sounds like you, sign up for The Membership or reserve your pair now and adult in the easiest way possible by having your Undies shipped directly to you. Not to mention you can check off buying underwear on your adult-list now too. So goodbye responsibilities and hello peaceful living.

caroline judd